If you thought last episode was arcane, get a load of this shit! We sit down with Ross Wolfe of https://thecharnelhouse.org to venture into the farthest, darkest reaches of left theory... in order to resurrect the nightmares of dead generations within the minds of our listeners.

Ross discusses how Sean nearly came to blows with famous fashy troll Kantbot at a Verso Books party. Jamie informs Sean that she thought he was a violent horror man when they first dated. We debate the monetary value of a human rib if it's broken within a police riot and subsequent lawsuit.

Crew gets down to discussing the political economy of architecture, the merits of grandiosity in construction and the mercenary optimism of high modernist internationalism. Ross explains the evolution of the #doom meme and origins of Yacht Communism.

Antifada then does another deep dive into 20th century theory and practice in a wide-ranging discussion of anarchism, council communism, Bordiga, bourgeois barbarism and communization. We all end up slightly depressed at the end, but in different and interesting ways.

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Here's the hilarious Kantbot video: https://youtu.be/iOk6HB609po