Our guest canceled so Jamie picked up a rando at the DSA convention to fill in. Thanks for being such a good sport, rando!

Jamie and the rando — whose name, it turns out, is Andrew Callaway — recap a bit of what went down at the convention, including a "turn-to-industry" proposal and a spicy debate around Bernie 2020.

The gang tackles the van attack in Toronto, the "incel rebellion" and why dudes who can't get laid and complain about it online are a kind of hate group. The political economy of angry young misogynists and what to do with them. How to keep those on the fence from turning into Pepes? Jamie's personal story of educating someone. The impact of technology on sex and dating (Sean shows his age). Why everyone will have better sex under socialism. Some social reproduction and historical materialism talk, because why not?

Check out the podcast Andrew produces, 'Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything' at theoryofeverythingpodcast.com

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If you're in New York, check out the DSA Community Healthcare Fair Jamie helped put together! The panel (featuring m4a activist Tim Faust, Soc Fem WG's Emma Caterine, and State Senate candidate Julia Salazar w/ moderation by Michael Brooks) will be live streamed for those who can't make it. facebook.com/events/1888194218137462