This week, the crew is joined by Shyam Khanna, EIC of Commune (@commune_mag), and Andy Battle, doctoral student in US History at CUNY, for a discussion of leftist media and public transit.

Shyam unpacks Commune Mag's project of chronicling the popular movements of our time while providing constructive visions for revolution. Hell yeah.

Andy B discusses his article for Commune Mag, "The Subway Belongs To Us." From its construction in the early 1900s, to the city's best attempt at social democracy (1930s-1970s), to the present day, the subway has been a constant site of tension between notions of public transit as civic good vs. instrument of capital accumulation. What have people around the world been doing to reclaim this space for themselves? Here's an idea: freak across Europe on a counterfeit Eurail pass. No offense, train-hoppin' crusties, but we think we've leveled up.

Stay tuned for our bonus ep featuring more hott sexxxy champagne socialist praxis!

Outro music: Crazy Spirit - Train


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