This weekend was the biennial blast that is the Historical Materialism (@histmat) Conference NYC. Naturally, we took the opportunity to attend some panels and interview old friends and new. Several we interviewed tipsy in an NYC public school and others we talked to rather drunk at the @commune_mag loft down by the railroad tracks.


George Ciccariello-Maher (@ciccmar) on the coup in Venezuela

Jasper Bernes (@outsidadicator) on communization

Michelle O'Brien (NYC Trans Oral History Project) on abolishing the bourgeois family

Callum Cant (callumcant1) & Jamie Woodcock (@jamie_woodcock) on workers inquiry, militant unionism in the UK and V I D E O G A M E S

Malav Kanuga (@CommonNotions) on why Niral Shah is #canceled

Shyam Khanna (@dollarpizza1) on the joys of sects

Virgil Texas (@menswearhouse) finally coming clean about his political tendency

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