Every get the feeling that YouTube is a cesspool of corporate propaganda and right-wing nuttery? You're not wrong. Thankfully, the left is fighting back in myriad ways.

We are joined by content-craftspersons The Serfs, Non-Compete and Nick from Means Media to discuss how online got so fashy, what we can do to compete with Prager U (and a million other jerks) on the Tube and how left media can break from our capitalist overlords with new cooperative platforms.

The Serfs - http://bit.ly/2Y1YOP9 @serfspodcast

Non-Compete - http://bit.ly/2UXSMwM @emericanjohnson

Means.TV - https://www.youtube.com/user/saraj00n @means_tv

Go to https://means.media/ to help seize the means